Commemorative medals

Commemorative medals

Craftsmen of the Saint-Petersburg Mint struck commemorative medals as early as in the 18th century. The Mint produced real works of the medallist art. Striking of special commemorative medals is a tradition brought to Russia by Peter the Great. One of the best-known series of commemorative medals minted during Peter’s reign and in the following years was dedicated to the victories of the Russian weapons in the Northern war. The medal manufact6ure was further developed during the reign of Catherine II, and reached its prime in the 19th century.

Totally in the Tsarist Russia before 1917 there were issued over a thousand and a half denominations of commemorative medals, plaquettes and tokens. Outstanding artists and medalists were employed at the Saint-Petersburg Mint. The Soviet period was opened with a medal of 1919 dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the October revolution.

Having preserved the traditions and experience of almost three centuries the Mint today is able to produce commemorative medals of high quality. It is armed with modern equipment and perfect technologies.

The Saint-Petersburg Mint offers to its potential customers production of medals of the unique artistic finish, which may also be determined by the customers. The medal may be used as a present, award or a souvenir. Gold and silver medals are used as marks of distinction in sports and studies. Commemorative medals may be produced of precious metals, stressing the importance of the present. Departmental medals are given to officials of the corresponding executive authorities for their merit for the motherland, they are usually meant as encouragement.

The medals may be produced of precious or non-ferrous metals.

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