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The Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak is the oldest Russian and one of the largest enterprises in the world manufacturing coin and medal products.

The Saint-Petersburg Mint possesses almost three centuries of manufacturing activity, unique experience and traditions treasured and successfully applied in manufacturing a wide range of products with the brand of the Saint-Petersburg Mint.

Today the Saint-Petersburg Mint is an enterprise equipped with the most cutting-edge machinery and technologies. The Mint can produce coin and medal products of practically any geometrical configuration of non-ferrous metals in compliance with the international product quality standards for cold stamping. The specialists of the Mint have mastered the technologies of striking coins with the weight of from 1.55 g up to 5000 g (in purity) and with the diameter of from 12 up to 130 mm.

Subsidiary coins of all denominations, commemorative and investment coins of gold, silver and basic metals, state and departmental awards, lapel badges, commemorative medals, souvenirs… It is not at all a complete list of products of the Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak.

In 2004 jewellery production was launched at the Saint-Petersburg Mint and provided it with the casting technologies. In combination with minting it allows to create technologically complicated and artistically perfect products.

High quality of products of the Saint-Petersburg Mint is well-known not only in Russia but all over the world. It is proved by numerous prizes which commemorative coins with the brand of the Saint-Petersburg Mint have won at respected international competitions and festivals.

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