Production capacities

Production capacities

The Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak has a high-tech production basis. The modern equipment enables mastering the production of most complicated coin, coin-like, badge and order products.

The instrumental production of the Mint has most cutting-edge machinery for the production and processing of tools with the help of which perfect products are created later on.

The modern computerized milling, electroerosion and turning machines help to manufacture the most complicated minting tools and furniture.

Automatic laser equipment of the Mint enables application of a large scope of designs onto the surface of the minting tools. As a result, the Mint has an opportunity to manufacture products with various variants of matte surface design as well as to obtain the “photo effect” on the minted products.

Processing of tools of various kinds of steel is carried out at the high-speed engraving equipment with high precision and efficiency.

Laser scanners able to scan practically any voluminous models offered by the customers for production are applied for the production preparation.

The vacuum assembly of ionic and plasma coating allows to apply hardsurfacing overlay to the minting tools; it affects the economic constituent of the product price positively.

The equipment of the production workshops of the Saint-Petersburg Mint has been renovated and modernized considerably in recent years.

Today the Mint has high-speed automated minting presses that allow to execute orders of any volume for the subsidiary coin production.

Powerful hydraulic presses allow to manufacture coin and order products of a large diameter with high relief. Including an opportunity to mint coins and medals of the “proof” quality with the diameter of up to 150 mm.

Minting of products of “proof” quality of the latest models with a clear minting area covered from external influence and packed in capsules is carried out at the modern minting presses. The equipment provides high quality of products.

The melting and rolling section is equipped with a machine for continuous casting of the silver alloy and various furnaces for casting gold alloys. Together with the high-precision rolling machinery it enables manufacturing products with minimal tolerance of weight.

The modern furnaces of blank annealing carry out thermal processing of blanks in protective atmosphere; that helps to manufacture “proof” products of high quality.

The automated high-efficiency rattle equipment provides high-quality preparation of blanks for the manufacturing of “proof” products in large numbers.

Special laser equipment marks and numerates products of any quantity.

The five-ink tampon printing machine of the latest model carries out both full-color and spot-color printing on products of the improved and standard manufacturing with the diameters of up to 105 mm.

Product manufacturing technologies of the Saint-Petersburg Mint ensure production of items of any configuration and any design.

According to the customers’ wishes, the craftsmen of the Mint manufacture products of precious and non-ferrous metals of improved or standard quality. Moreover, the technology of gilding or silvering – both of the whole product or its separate elements – may be applied. A colour image with the application of tampon printing may also be applied.

The Saint-Petersburg Mint offers its customers an opportunity of manufacturing ordinary (mono-compositional) and multi-compositional coin and order products. Organic and silicate enamels may be applied in combination with gilding and silvering.

We are able to manufacture goods with inserts manually painted with silicate enamels, with inserts of precious stones.

The technologies of anodic coating, oxidizing, patina-forming treatment, toning, varnishing, chrome-plating may be used additionally for the product design.

The joint efforts of the major and jewellery production during projecting and further manufacturing allow to create products of unusual shapes and complexify their constructions and appearance.

The jewellery production of the Saint-Petersburg Mint is equipped with the modern jewellery 3D-printing devices, software of the latest generation and the tuned-up technology of preliminary and final processing. It provides an opportunity to manufacture products with voluminous and intricate laced surfaces.

High-efficiency casting equipment helps to produce large numbers of products of intricate configuration of non-ferrous metals within short periods of time.

The jewellery production of the Mint issues jewellery products, including exclusive handicraft under individual orders and souvenirs with original design answering the highest demands of the market.

According to the customers’ wishes, products of the Saint-Petersburg Mint can be packed in capsules, blister package, sachets, in a bulk in cloth sacks, casings of all possible shapes and designs, of various materials.

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