Graduation coins of the first graduates of the medal workshop have been minted 29.10.2020

In autumn 2020, the first graduation of students and assistants trained at the medal workshop of the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin under the Russian Academy of Arts took place. The work of the only medal workshop in Russia is a result of a longstanding co-operation of the Institute named after I. Repin and Goznak.

The medal workshop was opened within the territory of the Saint Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak in October, 2016. A peoples artist of Russia, an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, a professor of the Institute named after I. Repin, the Head Artist and Designer of the Design Center of Goznak Alexander Baklanov took charge of it.  

The foundation of the medal workshop made it possible to resurrect the tradition of a professional approach to training of medal artists interrupted a century ago.  

The graduates of 2020 have completed a full course of study at the medal workshop. According to Alexander Baklanov, they have demonstrated all knowledge and skills received during the training studying the topic and collecting materials; creating sketches; waxwork. The kids have also demonstrated that they know the medal production technologies, are able to take into account the peculiarities of metal and understand the tool production specifics. And most importantly, they have managed to delve into the world of the medal art and realized what a medal composition is, Alexander Baklanov noted.  

Among the first graduates of the medal workshop, there are three students and three assistants of the Institute named after I. Repin.

A series of medals dedicated to sculpture teachers of the Academy of Arts of the 1920s V. Lishev, A. Matveev, M. Manizer was Leonid Chernovs graduation work.  

U Sin chose themes of the Chinese folklore the legends of the white snake, the nine-tailed fox and the demon of the white bone for her graduation medals. 

 Bao Tsan dedicated his medals to the Chinese poets Li Bo, Tsui Yuan and Tao Yuan Min

Ksenia Kryazhova, an assistant, dedicated her graduation medals to the presidents of the Imperial Academy of Arts I. Shuvalov, A. Olenin and the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. 

Ivan Kovalev, an assistant, prepared a series of medals dedicated to the Russian sculptors of the 19th century M. Kozlovskiy, I. Martos and I. Vitali. 

Another assistant, Khe Chun chose the history of China as the topic of his series of medals a Buddhist craftsman Syuan Tszan, a poetess Li Tsinchzhao, a traveler, a naval commander and a diplomat Chzhen Khe.

All the diploma medals were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint; therefore, the graduates had a unique opportunity to see the results of their creative work in the shape of products.

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