Heavy work10.08.2020

The Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak has struck another one-kilogram coin

At the beginning of August, the Bank of Russia put into circulation six commemorative Polar Wolf coins of the Protect our world series.

The silver coins are with the face values of three, 25 and 100 roubles.

The gold coins are with the face values of 50, 100 and 10,000 roubles.

The coins have been struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak.

The weight of the precious metal in purity of the gold coin with the face value of 10,000 roubles is 1000 grams.

The coin of the Polar Wolf series of the Protect our world with the face value of 10,000 roubles with the weight of 1 kilogram

Deputy Director of Production of the Saint Petersburg Mint Igor Prokofiev noted that technologically the mint is well prepared to minting such complex products. The minting of such coins is entrusted to a high-class specialist. And there are a lot of such specialists here.

However, the puncheon is made before that. From the point of view of the technological itinerary of manufacture, the process of its manufacture is the same as for an ordinary coin. Nevertheless, its production practically requires higher concentration of efforts, accuracy and attention.

Laser technologies were applied for the production of puncheons for the gold 1-kilogram Polar Wolves coin.

In my opinion, these technologies add special vividness to the coins, says Igor Prokofiev. We always remember that a coin is a work of art. Therefore, we choose not the way it is easier for the production but the way it is better for the artistic idea realization. The Polar Wolves coins required considerable talent of the engravers to transmit high relief and detail contrast to the coin.

Deputy Director of Production of the Saint Petersburg Mint Igor Prokofiev

Igor Prokofiev explained that minting of 1-kilogram gold coins requires deadly concentration of the minter to achieve repeat accuracy of quality. The presence of anybody at that moment may intercept that.   

Therefore, everybody including the management make his or her contribution to the coin minting preparation in advance.

Control is necessary during the production of samples or pilot products. At that moment a few managers of different levels may gather at the press, says Igor Prokofiev.

To mint a 1-kilogram coin, not only the production experience is necessary; the mint should be equipped with modern and cutting-edge machinery, moreover, it should have certain capacity. Such equipment is very expensive. Besides, it is necessary to have trained specialists. Therefore, possibly, not every mint can strike such unique coins.

The Deputy Director of Production of the Saint Petersburg Mint has held a great number of coins in his hands, including 1-kilogram coins. Pilot minting of a product with the diameter of 170 mm and minting of a silver coin with the weight of 5 kilograms and the diameter of 150 mm were carried out under Prokofievs supervision. Nevertheless, the Deputy Director of Production is not ready to call the production of the gold 1-kilogram coin with the diameter of 100 mm a trivial production event either.

At the History of Money Museum every visitor can hold 5-kilogram gold and silver coins in his hands

From the point of view of utilization, the technology of 1-kilogram coin minting sometimes seems trivial, says Igor Prokofiev. Nevertheless, we are sure that as soon as the production vigilance is lost, the quality may decrease too. We should be alert and alive professionally. At all times.

A showcase of the History of Money Museum of Goznak presenting the stages of the commemorative coin production

An artist working upon the coin sketch (the Design Center of Goznak)

A coin modelling (the Design Center of Goznak)

Gold preparation for the production of commemorative coins (the Moscow Mint)

Tools for minting coins and medals
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