The development and creation of various souvenirs and gifts is a new direction of activity of the Saint-Petersburg Mint which issues a wide range of souvenir and gift products today.

When the jewelry production was opened at the Mint there appeared an opportunity of the casting technology application. The technology helps to manufacture products by pouring molten metal into the casting form. The material becomes solid on cooling and receives the necessary configuration and sizes, therefore souvenirs produced with the help of the casting technology are noted for their shape singularity and high execution quality.

The Saint-Petersburg Mint produces goods of various precious and non-noble metals and alloys. Therefore we are able to offer our customers gifts and souvenirs of various price categories: medals on a stand, medals-calendars, medals and tokens in printed packing, souvenir pendants, business souvenirs and New Year souvenirs, souvenirs of silver and many others. Little silver figures representing the symbol of the coming year are very popular.

Jewelry production of the Saint-Petersburg Mint offers a wide range of products for festive table setting. These are desktop business card holders, miniature forks for desserts, silver and gold spoons, napkin rings, candelabra, coffee and tea spoons in original packing.

If you visit the numismatic exhibition shop you will be able to buy products for the New Year, February 23, March 8, family and corporate holidays and jubilees. If you contact the Sales and Marketing Department of the Mint, you’ll be able to order a souvenir or an original gift with your own symbolic.

It is possible to buy presents for February 23, March 8, the New Year and many other holidays at the numismatic exhibition shop of the Mint. It is also possible to buy original presents for colleagues, friends and relatives. There is also an opportunity to order the product you like with your own symbolic.

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