The Saint-Petersburg Mint
Branch of «GOZNAK»


Religious products

The Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak offers to its customers and potential buyers a wide choice of religious products.

Plaquettes dedicated to the life and deeds of saints, with images of icons, reproducing prayer texts.

Such plaquettes are made of gold, silver or non-ferrous metals. Inserts of precious and semi-precious stones, application of all the technologies of the Mint is possible.

Plaquettes may be made as an exclusive single product or a set of products dedicated to a saint or a theme.

Religious plaquettes may be packed into beautiful casings with a certificate attached.

The Saint-Petersburg Mint produces lapel badges for the believers featuring religious attributes. Modern technologies are applied for their production, minting and casting, enamel application, onlays may be used.

It is possible to place an order for the religious product manufacture at the "Place an Order" section of our site. It is possible to receive more detailed information from a manager of the Mint ("Contacts" section).

Retail sales of such products are carried out at the numismatic exhibition shop of the Saint-Petersburg Mint.