The Saint-Petersburg Mint
Branch of «GOZNAK»
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The Saint-Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak has been producing special exclusive products space streamers, badges and commemorative medals dedicated to space exploration. As a rule, the products are of highest quality.

On September 14, 1959 at 00:02:24 (Moscow time) Luna-2 space ship reached the moon surface in the Mare Serenitatis district with the Soviet streamers on board. Metallic streamers with the image of the State Coat of Arms of the USSR had been produced at the Leningrad Mint of Goznak.

Commemorative medals and badges were dedicated to launch of the first space vehicles to the circumterrestrial orbit, to the moon, Venus and Mars, and certainly to Yuri Gagarins flight by Vostok spaceship. Space streamers were produced of aluminum and covered with organic enamels. Aluminum is still applied for the space streamer manufacture, though the Mint also produces space products of tombac, cupronickel, silver, gold under the orders of Rocket-and-Space Corporation Energia named after S.P. Koroliov.