Lapel pins and badges

Lapel pins and badges

The Saint-Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak has been manufacturing various kinds of badges and lapel pins without the state status since the 1920s. At that time meritorious workers, collective farmers and representatives of intelligentsia, executives were awarded with lapel badges.

In the 1930s there appeared badges for outstanding professionals. Those who passed the norms of Ready to Work and Defend the USSR were awarded with badges also produced at the Leningrad Mint. Later on the Mint struck lapel badges of excellent soldiers.

Souvenir and jubilee badges were widely spread at the end of the 1950s and in the 1960s. Aluminum was the basic metal for them, enamels were applied to make the badges colourful.

The technologies of the Saint-Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak enable striking all-stamped badges and badges with plates. It is possible to apply organic or silicate enamels to their surface.

The badges may be used as an award, a mark of distinction, a souvenir or a gift.

  • Award badges are given for achievements and success (Honored Doctor, Honored Worker of Culture, Higher Education Institution Graduate badges).
  • Official badges are given to functionaries for their identification (Safety Department, Security badges).
  • Corporate badges contain elements of the companys style, logo as a rule, and identify their holder as an employee; they are given on the occasion of a certain event.
  • Souvenir badges are used as a souvenir or a gift.
  • Jubilee badges are dedicated to a jubilee or a memorable date (The 280th Anniversary of the Mint badge).

Badges may be all-stamped and with plates.

All-stamped badges

Badges are manufactured on embossing machines using the cold massive forming (minting) technology. Cold forming is a method of metal processing to receive products of complicated shape and geometry by pressing. The metal is deformed plastically in the cold condition with the help of special instruments. All-stamped badges are fixed to the clothes with the help of appliances like a pin or a screw. Silicate and organic enamels may be applied.

Badges with plates

Badges with plates are among the products most difficult to manufacture. The plates enable to create a most colourful and impressive composition as well as transfer the necessary image more accurately and laconically. The plates may be made in the shape of an eagle, a shield or an anchor. The Mint produces lapel pins of the religious theme in the shape of the cross with the plate in the shape of an icon with enamel painting. A few plates may be used for one badge production.

In 2002 under the initiative of Rosaviacosmos, departmental cosmic awards were produced at the Saint-Petersburg Mint. The first three awards were made in the shape of the cross with a plated medallion. Tsiolkovskiy, Koroliov and Gagarin were depicted on them. The Tsiolkovskiy badge is the highest award of Rosaviacosmos. The next three badges For the provision of space flights, For the contribution to the space activity and For the international co-operation in cosmonautics - are in the shape of a four-pointed star.

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