Happy Coiners Day!12.12.2019

Happy Coiners Day!

December 12 is Coiners Day and the birthday of the Saint Petersburg Mint.

The Saint Petersburg Mint was founded in 1724 at the behest of Peter the Great. The emperor located the enterprise in the safest place of the capital behind the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The plant was initially located in Trubetskoy Bastion, and since the middle of the 18th century in Naryshkin Bastion. The time of appearance of ... abbreviation the identification mark of the mint on coins was considered the year of foundation of the Mint in the fortress.

Officially the December of 1724 was determined the date of foundation of the Mint in 1899 when the 175th anniversary of the enterprise was celebrated. In 1991 the date was settled it was decided to celebrate December 12 as the Day of the Mint every year. On November 19, 1991, Order No. 240 About establishing the day of the Saint Petersburg Mint was signed. Since then, every year they celebrate a double holiday on December 12 the birthday of the Saint Petersburg Mint and the Coiners Day, the main professional holiday of the employees of the Mint.

The Saint Petersburg Mint strikes a token dedicated to its holiday every year. This year, the Saint Petersburg Mint has produced a token with a unique technology of three-sided minting for its 295th anniversary.

The token has the shape of a cutoff circle with a relief image on three planes. A unique minting technology developed by the team of specialists of the Mint was applied in the token manufacture. During one technological minting cycle, the relief is formed on three planes on the obverse, the reverse and the milled edge. A new construction of the minting puncheon was applied in the technical solution realization; a special tool the cross puncheon was developed for minting the milled edge and produced using the method of electroerosion copying.

The method of three-sided minting expands the boundaries for artistic work, creative design and composition considerably. It can be applied in projecting coins, awards and other products.

The token is made of cupronickel, in proof quality using the tool laser matting technology and has the shape of a circle with the diameter of 42 mm.

Andrey BRYNZA, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak, has developed the design of the token.

The top part of the token obverse features an image of the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire on the front of the central building of the Mint against the background of the panorama of Saint Petersburg.

In the center below it, there is the relief façade of building of the Saint Petersburg Mint by Architect Antonio Porta.

In the bottom, there are images of products manufactured at the mint in 2019 in a semi-circle, the date 295 in the center and the brand mark under it.

The token reverse features the Neva Gates of Nevskaya curtain wall between the Sovereigns and Naryshkins Bastions of the Peter and Paul Fortress against the background of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. The bottom part features stylized waves of the Neva River washing Hares Island on which the Peter and Paul Fortress is located.

Against the background of the Neva water, the circulation set of rouble coins is depicted, and in the center of the bottom, there is a sculptural image of the monument to a hare who has survived a flood located next to Ioanns Bridge leading to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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