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Saint Isaacs Cathedral: history in medals

[04.04.2018 09:03:00]

The Saint Petersburg Mint has struck a commemorative medal dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the construction start of St. Isaacs Cathedral. Read more...

The Mints of Goznak have produced licensed medals for FIFA World Cup

[23.03.2018 14:17:00]

Official sales of licensed products dedicated to the coming 2018 FIFA World Cup produced at the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Mints of Goznak, have started. Read more...

Bilibin in metal

[16.03.2018 15:34:00]

Under the order of the Bank of Russia, the Saint Petersburg Mint struck two commemorative coins of the Legends and fairy-tales of the peoples of Russia series.
Using various technologies laser matting, tampon printing, partial gilding, the color of Bilibins splendid illustrations was transmitted with the help of relief. Read more...

Minting and casting in one token

[12.12.2017 16:33:00]

On December 12, the Saint Petersburg Mint celebrated its 293rd birthday.
In 2017, two tokens that differ from each other with a unique and typical detail for Saint Petersburg artistic iron gates, were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint on the occasion of its 293rd anniversary, according to sketches created by Sergey Kornilov, an Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Goznak has become a licensee of Winter Universiade 2019

[01.12.2017 10:50:00]

At the end of November, 2017, Goznak received one of the certificates of a licensee of Winter Universiade 2019 and was added to the list of manufacturers entitled to produce official products with the symbols of the Student Games. Read more...

Three commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia produced by the craftsmen of Goznak were chosen among the best of the 268 coins from 27 countries of the world submitted to Coin Constellation-2017 contest

[25.09.2017 10:01:00]

All the three coins were designed and struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint. Read more...

Goznak is a sponsor of COINS-2017

[15.09.2017 16:15:00]

The Eighth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2017, the only international forum in Russia dedicated to coin and order production will traditionally gather the key players of the coin market in Moscow on September 22-23, 2017. Goznak is the gold sponsor of  COINS-2017. Read more...

Saints Day at the Mint

[11.09.2017 18:12:00]

On August 23, the Saint Petersburg Mint and the History of Money exhibition center welcomed special guests. Goznaks emloyees played hosts to two boys, participants of Angels Day program at the 5th Channel. Two brothers, Ruslan and Nikita, have never separated. For Ruslan, it is great joy to see a happy smile on his younger brothers face. Therefore, on his birthday he asked to fulfill the dream of inquiring Nikita who wanted to know how money is made. Read more...

A great city and terror

[05.04.2017 11:59:00]

The team of Goznak, each of us has perceived the terrible disaster that happened in Saint Petersburg on April 3, as his own personal tragedy. We express our heartfelt condolences to relatives of the people who died in the terrorist attack and our sympathy to those injured in it.  
In the very first minutes after the tragedy, our colleagues at the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill and Mint received restless telephone calls. Relatives, near ones and colleagues from Moscow, Perm, Krasnokamsk called them. Close threads connecting the eight enterprises of Goznak became stronger than ever. Read more...

The Russian renaissance

[30.12.2016 11:01:00]

At the end of December 2016 the Bank of Russia put into circulation three Jewelers Art in Russia. Sazikov commemorative coins. The coins were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak. Read more...