The Saint-Petersburg Mint
Branch of «GOZNAK»
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16.03.2018 15:34:00

Bilibin in metal

Under the order of the Bank of Russia, the Saint Petersburg Mint struck two commemorative coins of the Legends and fairy-tales of the peoples of Russia series. Using various technologies laser matting, tampon printing, partial gilding, the color of Bilibins splendid illustrations was transmitted with the help of relief. Read more...

12.12.2017 16:33:00

Minting and casting in one token

On December 12, the Saint Petersburg Mint celebrated its 293rd birthday. In 2017, two tokens that differ from each other with a unique and typical detail for Saint Petersburg artistic iron gates, were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint on the occasion of its 293rd anniversary, according to sketches created by Sergey Kornilov, an Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Read more...

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