The Saint-Petersburg Mint
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05.04.2017 11:59:00

A great city and terror

The team of Goznak, each of us has perceived the terrible disaster that happened in Saint Petersburg on April 3, as his own personal tragedy. We express our heartfelt condolences to relatives of the people who died in the terrorist attack and our sympathy to those injured in it. In the very first minutes after the tragedy, our colleagues at the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill and Mint received restless telephone calls. Relatives, near ones and colleagues from Moscow, Perm, Krasnokamsk called them. Close threads connecting the eight enterprises of Goznak became stronger than ever. Read more...

30.12.2016 11:01:00

The Russian renaissance

At the end of December 2016 the Bank of Russia put into circulation three Jewelers Art in Russia. Sazikov commemorative coins. The coins were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak. Read more...

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